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The study  

How To Get involved

We are looking for both healthy adolescent athletes and athletes who have had a recent concussion to participate in this study. A recent concussion is defined as 14 days ago or less. Males and females are both eligible to participate.


All Canadian athletes between the ages of 13 and 18 are eligible to participate

Eligible athletes will be compensated for their time! 

NOTE : submitted questionnaires will be checked for validity. Individuals may be requested to complete a follow-up phone call. Please no spamming

STEP 1 - Check if You meet Eligibility Criteria 









Step 2 - revieW The Information Package To learn more about the studIES



Step 3 - Access the online data collection platform & Complete youR pRe-Screening Questionnaire  


Are you ready to participate? Click on one of the links below to get started! Click the link that matches your description. Are you healthy? Click the first link. Have you recently had a concussion? Click the second link.






Note: these URLs are for first-time access only. If you are a returning participant, please use the REDCap URL link that was sent to your email. If you misplaced your email, please contact Tian Renton (tian.renton@mail.utoronto.ca).

STEP 4 - Check your email for an Invitation

Only athletes who meet study eligibilty criteria will receive a follow-up email. Follow the instructions provided in the email and complete your questionnaire as soon as possible. 


STEP 5 - Complete your follow-up questionnaires when requested 

Only athletes who entered study 2 with a recent concussion are required to complete follow-up questionnaires. An email invitation will be sent to you when it is time to complete your next round of questionnaires. This will be approximately 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after the first time you completed your questionnaire.

STEP 6 - Clinician Data Submission

A clinician is also required to submit health information on your behalf. Please click on PDF button below, print the form and give it to your managing clinician when you see them next. A managing clinician is someone who is overseeing your return-to-play progress. This may be an individual like your family doctor, athletic therapist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, or kinesiologist. 

Study 1 - Healthy Athletes

Study 2 - Concussed Athletes

Study 2 - Concussed Athletes

Study 1 - Healthy Athletes

Eligibility Criteria 

Clinician Request Form 

Study Consent Forms

Study 1 - Participant Consent

Study 2 - Participant Consent

Study 1 - Participant Assent/Parental Consent 

Study 2 - Participant Assent/Parental Consent